Our Program

School transition is integrated into the kindergarten program throughout the year to ensure your child has the social, emotional and physical skills to enable them to be prepared to begin their primary school education.  Throughout the year we encourage families to discuss their child’s development or any concerns they may have with the Kindergarten teacher at any time.

By participating in the Kindergarten program at CKHKX your family has the flexibility of long day care hours and access to CCB and CCR (for eligible families).

Community Kids Haven Kinder Program will support your child helping them to develop life skills and giving them the best start to school. 

How do we do this? We encourage the following: 

  • We encourage the children to use their voice to communicate their ideas and feelings.
  • Become more independent with self skills and gain confidence.
  • Build relationships with friends, learn to share and gain confidence. 
  • Express themselves through art, dance and dramatic play.
  • Engage in problem solving activities. 

We have: 

-Qualified Bachelor Kinder Teacher with a Diploma Trained Assistant 

-4-5 Age in the kinder room (small numbers)

-Kinder teacher and program works 7.5 hours per day Monday until Friday (just like school)

-School Readiness Structure and learn by play program

-I.T computer lessons on a daily basis

-CCB% and CCR% OFF YOUR DAILY OR WEEKS FEES (no maintenance levy)

We also include: 

4 nutritious meals are served every day also late snack is also provided made by our centre cook - (children are encouraged to serve themselves) 

Weekly and monthly incursions includes: music, responsible pet programs, water is precious, marine life, community visits (dental and library) and sports programs just to name a few.. (no extra cost) 

Language Program (LOTE)

Sustainability practices are in practice such as great native playgrounds, with vegetable patches as well as pets to look after (guinea pigs) 

Parent involvement is encourages into the centre and program (no working bees are required) 

End of year graduation parties.