School Readiness

Explore the new horizons with Community Kids Haven Early Learning & Kinder School readiness program.

Is your child preparing to go to school sometime soon?

Mostly parents are highly concerned about their children school readiness. Especially considering the fact if the child is ready to take on 13+ years of education. So the big question is how and where a parent could prepare their child for school readiness.

Along this there could be several more questions such as, in what age a parent should put their child at school, what kind of school, how the child is going to prepare for all this…

At Community Kids Haven Early Learning & Kinder we prepare your child with complete school readiness program. We help your children develop the confidence they need to reach their potential. Our programs are specially designed for developing your children occupational, speech and communication skills. These programs help building self-confidence and provide childhood developmental concerns including the following.


  •     Recognize their name & surname
  •     Reading and writing their names
  •     Draw a self-portrait
  •     Recognise 8 shape
  •     Recognise numbers up to 20
  •     Sequence a story
  •     Recognise basic and secondary colours
  •     Learn and perform new songs & rhyms
  •     Read stories & learn new words
  •     Listen and dance to music
  •     Participating physical exercise
  •     Learn about their five senses